Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Squirmy - only human on humpday

Hi, long time no chat, i have missed you all but life is chaotic and i am not always able to write. I'm not always creative, I'm not always being thoughtful with my children's play sometimes I'm just extremely ordinary I'm sure you can all sympathise. Anyway hubby has a new job so yay! stability thy art my sanity.

So a few weeks ago i worked out i had a bit of a problem....i can't believe I'm sharing this but i have learnt a lot from the experience and as such I'm passing this story onto you all in the hope that other mums will A. feel sorry for me and B. feel ok if it happens to them and theirs. So I'm watching TV, in the evening as you do, i become very conscious of my bum, it feels, not itchy but squirmy?!!! and it didn't seem to stop.....think think think.....Oh MY &^%* WHAT no it can't be, maybe it could be? have i got worms?

gummy worms
these kinda worms are so much better

So what do i do next? my sister noni asks me on the phone when I'm relaying the story,
"did you go into a dark room with a mirror and a torch"
"you betcha i did" I'm laughing when I'm telling her because by then I'm worm free and can see the funny side.
not only that but my hubby catches me doing this and asks what the hell I'm doing, and can he help, i tell him to leave me alone and as i still can't tell weather i have worms or not i jump into the shower completely grossed out by myself. It gets worse and if your of a squeamish nature now is the time to skip ahead. So how did i work out for sure i had worms, whilst in the shower i decide i need to know one way or the other, so i investigate with my finger and yep i pulled out a worm. I freaked out big time, i screamed, and then hyperventilated for a while and then i began to really sob. I felt so dirty and revolting, i felt like id been kicked when i was down. Id been having a bit of a tough time emotionally and financially and to top it off my body just been playing hoast to a yucky parasite. And what a crappy mum i felt like as if i had it my children probably had them too, and how could i not have noticed.

Worming medicine is surprisingly easy to take, one tablet of chocolaty goodness and look out squirmy suckers your days are numbered.You must worm everyone in your family as the little blighters are highly contagious. I then became a poo inspector, inspecting every ones poos for signs of worm evictions. (except hubbys he is perfectly capable of inspecting his own). So Flynn and i were the only wormy houses, thank goodness and within 2 days we were cleansed. I suspect that we got them because Flynn's hygiene is not perfect and the first year in an school kindy daycare whatever is going to be health wise the year from hell. Apparently according to one pharmacist every one out in the big bad world should worm themselves at least once a year, just in case.

When i got over my self loathing i did some research, worms are extremely common, they can pass from person to person very easily and their eggs are amazingly tough even surviving in swimming pools! Remember that mums taking tots to swimming lessons. You can pick up worm eggs from toilet seats as well. You can not get worms from your animals a common misconception, they have different kids of worms. So if you get worms or your kids get worms, don't feel guilty these little creatures have perfected how to breed.

What to do, go to your chemist get some medicine then get your washing machine cranking. Everything bedding wise will need to be washed with a hot cycle and underwear pj too. I threw a bit of disinfectant into my softener as well for good measure. Vacuum your bedroom carpets clean your toilet, and shower. Shower don't bath for a few nights afterwards to make sure the eggs have been flushed away. And you can re take the tablets in a week or two if you think re-contamination may have occurred.

ok that's my squirmy story I'm sorry to share it but i think in the long run its better that every one is reminded that these little guys are around and they are horrible and yucky but it doesn't make you dirty, just unlucky. So im working on my sons hygiene practises and i hope your happy lovely nurse sister of mine who thought this story was amusing. Who was also proud of me for investigating my problem and encouraged me to write this tale.

love sassy


  1. remember mum used to feed us a tablespoon of pawpaw seeds quite regularly to 'worm' us :D thanks for the giggle. I must investigate if you can take worm tablets while breastfeeding and do our family as Dylan has said he has an itchy bum this last week! x :D

    1. i never remember eating pawpaw seeds yuck that must have just been you older three that got that interesting treatment. I have been upping the garlic in our diet :)



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